I am writing again!

A short post.

I am writing again.

The sweet, sweet (although actually rather annoying) sound of a typing keyboard.

For the last few months I have been chipping away at the structure and prep work of my current project, as well – let’s be honest – as my overall resilience to sitting down and actually writing. Well, all that is behind me for now. Blank Word documents are filling up with text, word counts are rising, birds are singing in the trees.

Actually it’s the dead of winter here so there aren’t really many birds singing. But other than that, things are looking up. With my other job, the one that actually pays, and with my rustiness from not having properly written in a while, things will be slow going from here. I mustn’t expect too much too soon. In quality and quantity. First drafts are, after all, not meant to be good, they are just meant to be.

But as I get back into it, as the generation of words and lives becomes less mentally taxing, I know I will improve and this new project of mine will begin to take form.

In this season of almost no light and below-freezing temperatures, I am strangely optimistic.

I’ve also included a couple photos taken during the last few weeks. Hope you enjoy.