Experimental Author: (Noun) An author who seeks to try new and exciting methods of storytelling alongside those tried and true. 

E.G. The experimental author refused to confine his writing to a single genre, believing instead to try different styles and grow as a writer.


Damian Maximus, the mind behind the innovative new instagram novel, Barry the Rogue Baguettiere, is an experiemental author. 


Damian’s first novel, originally published in 2016, saw the beginning of Damian’s writing career. Since then he has continued to develop his writing, working on several projects including Barry the Rogue Baguettiere. 

What better way is there to gain understanding than through the art of storytelling?


Damian’s work

Previously Published

Crownless Kings follows the story of a man trying to make it in a world where the socioeconomic structure is reversed. Here the poor are considered rich and the rich poor. It’s about climbing your way down the corporate ladder. What would you give to be your town’s youngest riches to rags story?
Crownless Kings is currently unavailable for purchase as it is going through development for its second edition (because Damian believes in constantly seeking to improve his writing and his work). Please watch his instagram feed for updates on its publication.

Barry the Rogue Baguettiere is a story about a bacon thief. It is frivolity. It is whim. It is for anybody who tires of novels that take themselves too seriously. It is also a story told over instagram (@huntingforbarry). Both stories can be read together or separately. To purchase the book, click here.


Best place to reach me is probably instagram (just click the logo at the bottom of this page). There might be more contact details soon but for now I’m keeping it simple.