Experimental Author: (Noun) An author who seeks to try new and exciting methods of storytelling alongside those tried and true. 

E.G. The experimental author refused to confine his writing to a single genre, believing instead to try different styles and grow as a writer.


Damian Maximus, the mind behind the innovative new instagram novel, Barry the Rogue Baguettiere, is an experiemental author. 

About the man named Damian

Damian Maximus is an experimental author, exploring the use of style and genre in storytelling. He writes because it makes sense. After all, what better way is there to gain understanding than through the art of storytelling?
Based out of the UK, Damian started his writing career in 2016 with the publication of his first novel, Crownless Kings. An exploration in how life would differ if our socioeconomic structure were reversed, Crownless Kings follows the life of Nick as he seeks to climb down the corporate ladder. It is a true riches-to-rags story.
The following year, Damian worked with Culture Honey magazine to produce the serialised novel, The Romance of Unconnected LivesThe Romance (for short) is a love letter to the big city and follows the lives of two individuals who go about their lives, almost meeting.
The next year was a little quiet for Damian, writing-wise, with most of his time taken up by his Masters program at the University of Oxford.
Then in 2019 he published his third novel, Barry the Rogue Baguettiere. A comedy of serious frivolity, Barry the Rogue Baguettiere is for anybody who thinks novels have a tendency of taking themselves too seriously.
To keep up to date with Damian’s work, follow him on Instagram (@damian_maximus)

Damian’s work


Crownless Kings

Crownless Kings follows the story of a man trying to make it in a world where the socioeconomic structure is reversed. Here the poor are considered rich and the rich poor. It’s about climbing your way down the corporate ladder. What would you give to be your town’s youngest riches to rags story?
Crownless Kings is currently unavailable for purchase as it is going through development for its second edition (because Damian believes in constantly seeking to improve his writing and his work). Please watch his instagram feed for updates on its publication.

The Romance of Unconnected Lives

The Romance of Unconnected Lives is a serialised novel following the lives of Jane and Matt as they make their way through life almost – but not quite – meeting. It is a love letter to the big city and all its cacophony.
The Romance of Unconnected Lives was originally published in twelve monthly installments by Culture Honey magazine. Click here to read the original story. Damian is currently developing the novel to be released in paperback and ebook form sometime in the near future. Please watch his instagram feed for updates on its publication.

Barry the Rogue Baguettiere and other strange tales from the city of Dondolon

Barry the Rogue Baguettiere is a story about a bacon thief. It is a comedy of frivolity. It is whim. It is for anybody who tires of novels taking themselves too seriously. It is also two stories… sort of. One story is the novel and the other was told on instagram (@huntingforbarry) in the weeks leading up to the novel’s release. Both stories can be read together or separately, it’s up to you. To purchase the book, click here.

Short stories

The Blind Ballroom Dancer

The Blind Ballroom Dancer follows the progress of David as he learns to dance under the tutelage of his friend, Larla. Through flashbacks, the reader learns about David’s life growing up and his navigation through the world as a blind man. As a story it seeks to dispel the trope of blindness/ disability as something to overcome and instead fits it into the story as simply another aspect of David’s daily life.

If you would like to read The Blind Ballroom Dancer you can find the story here, at Scarlet Leaf Review.


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