The slow recharge (a quick update)

It has been (if you’ve been following this blog you know this) quite an intense few months. In those months my writing has not been as abundant as I would have liked. I’ve been quite burnt out. By life, by change, by everything.

I’ve done the off piece, including a short story about rediscovering that adventurous spirit lying dormant within all of us. I’m going to polish it off and send it to a few places to see what interest it garners. But other than that, and these blog posts, I have done very little. Oh, I did have an idea for one of my novels while doing this camping trip. It came to me late one night when I was trying to sleep so I wrote it down and then turned it over in my brain for the next hour or so instead of sleeping.

But anyway, what I’m trying to say is that the slow recharge is, I think, working. I am now in a (famous last words) stable enough place with work and life and as I sit here I know I have found my writing spot. All of which means the words should start churning soon.

Their quality it may take time to get up to scratch but they will start churning soon.

This is hopeful. It means that yes, I am still a writer. I may be in hibernation but I am still a writer. And like the grizzly bear who emerges from hibernation a little bit scrawnier but every bit as majestic, I too will emerge again.

Too much? I don’t care. I’m going with it.

Until next time.